Times Table Bee is a resource to help learn the times tables by means of short rhymes and pictures on 90 cards. One of the numerical questions is on one side of a card and on the other side is a caption, shown by a picture, which rhymes with the answer. It follows the principle that having a visual prompt sticks in the mind. The traditional way of learning tables – chanting - is dull and all the connections are abstract and they just slip away.

How do you use it?

Each card has two sides:

The numerical question for four times six A card showing plenty floor

In its simplest form, look at the numerical side of a card, work out your answer, turn it over to check by comparing your own answer to the rhyme, helped by the picture.

The numerical question for one times three A card showing a bee

If you hear that they rhyme, you know you are right. If not, you are wrong and the rhyme will let you quickly work out the correct answer. The simple, short, single rhymes help to demonstrate this in the early times tables. It’s a self-help game, but equally can be played in a group. Played on your own, you can go at your own pace but with others, sitting at a table and sharing the cards, it might be faster.

If there is any doubt about the correct answer, they are written in the leaflet in the box.

Don't try to learn too much at once. Expect it to take some time! Read more about other games to play with the cards.