Picture of Gill the author

My name is Gill Steiner and I conceived, designed and illustrated this resource. For twenty years I was a maths teacher, mostly in secondary schools and met very many pupils who did not know their tables well, which was a handicap to them and affected their self confidence in maths. When I taught juniors for a time I had to teach the multiplication tables. It was very hard to make that part of the curriculum interesting. Also I became aware of the great variation across the class: some knew them well, some knew hardly any and other pupils knew some so it was hard to be successful in teaching this aspect of maths. I knew then I needed a good self help resource. Some months later, a long time ago, I did an art course. We were asked to make a book. I knew straight away that I should attempt to make a times table self help resource and that is how this project was initiated.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please email me at gill@timestablebee.com

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