Comments made by teachers and pupils who have used the cards:

From Tara in Hampstead, London

a scan of a hand-written testimonial by a child

A primary school in Haringey, London

Teacher comments: ‘It took minimal modelling for the children to try various games and work in small groups without an adult. They liked playing ‘the teacher’ and testing each other using the cards. The children were particularly engaged and enthusiastic when using the cards – more so than any other teaching resource I use with them. Many of my class have English as an additional language but the cards have simple language so they could access it. The pictures help their understanding.’

Pupils’ comments:

‘The cards help year 5 because when people get stuck on their times tables the rhyme helps.’

‘They make maths fun’

‘It is easy to learn your times table with them because they have clues that rhyme.’

A primary school in Croydon, London

Teacher comments: ‘It has been a very useful teaching tool as it engages the children and it is a more lively way of teaching times tables. The children thoroughly enjoyed using the cards because of the funny rhymes and illustrations.’

Pupils’ comments:

‘The rhymes got stuck in my head and I remember them’

‘I’m really grateful because they are starting to help me on my times tables and I’m getting better and better each time.’

‘They’re fun. Got more interested.’

A primary school in Wood Green, London

Teacher comments: 'The children loved the pictures from the outset and they were always excited when I brought them out. I had tried chanting rhymes before but that was met with very little enthusiasm.The children found the rhymes funny too so that helped. I found the cards particularly good for children with poor memory as it gave them a picture to recall.’ (The teacher also mentioned two children who had rarely dome homework started voluntarily learning their tables at home.)

Pupils’ comments:

‘They are wicked. Times tables is one of the hardest maths things for me and these really help.’

‘It helped me and it was amazing.’