Features of the cards

There are 90 large poker-sized cards, 122mm by 85mm, for the 2 to 10 times tables. In the box an instruction leaflet is included, with the grid of numbers showing answers, in case they are needed.

The first cards you use in the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables have simple, easy-to-read captions which help you connect with using the cards. You meet the characters who re-appear and you will notice that words in captions follow a pattern – words used for the tens digit are always the same:

A card showing a hen A card showing a squirty elephant A card showing a pixie A card showing an elephant doing squirty tricks A card showing a man called Stefan lying on a lilo in the sea

Later tables are also easy to use. Humour and sport play a part. Each number from 1 to 10 has its own colour and the images emphasise those colours because other colours in the image are neutral.

A card showing a pixie bee A card showing a winning cup of tea for a tea won

Aspects of the design

The rhyme is short and readable.

The font chosen is very readable.

The pictures are lively, simple and bold and found to be appealing and funny. Pictures demonstrating the captions means that reading is minimal.

The numbers are colour coded: each of the numbers from 1 to 10 has its own colour; two digits are the subject of the picture so there are just two colours, apart from neutral colours, like cream and brown. Square numbers, like 5x5, will just show one repeated colour.

Characters: the fact that some numbers are represented by characters helps with recall: any answer involving the word five shows the waiter Clive who always wears a blue striped kit.

A card showing a waiter called Clive A card showing the waiter Clive carrying plenty of plates for plenty Clive