Times Table Bee Cards



There are 90 cards, one each for the two- to ten-times tables, each printed on two sides. One face contains the numerical question, such as 2x5, and the reverse face shows the caption and picture which rhymes with the answer. The cards are colour coded - each digit from one to ten is associated with one colour. The colour borders help to sort the cards into the different tables.

The cards are high quality, large poker size, 8.5cm by 12.2cm. They are printed with a playing card coating for durability, (350μm 'Gamesboard'). The attractive carton also contains two cards which contain answers to the numerical questions, in case they are needed and broad ideas for use of the cards.

Currently only available to order for delivery in the UK. If you wish to order more than 5 packs or you wish to order it outside of the UK, please contact gill@timestablebee.com